Tiny Blue Fu Dogs

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Just a quick Fu Dog posting of a pair from my collection – this pair is only about 5 inches tall; they both can rest comfortably in an adults palm. (Yes, those are deer antlers painted white in the background.) There are 3 numbers, “058” impressed in the ceramic base/bottom of the female Fu Dog statue, but otherwise no markings.

I’ll have to check my collection to be certain – I think this pair is the only one I have where the male Fu Dog has his left paw on a ball instead of the right paw. I’ve seen this pair in larger sizes in exactly the same style and color so this is definitely a marketed and mass produced item; I don’t think the smaller ones are found too often though (hey, just trying to feel special here).

If I were forced to specify a particular ‘country of origin for their stylization’ I’d have to say Myanmar/Burma, if only because of the fringe detail along the backs of the legs. The smaller tails the, smaller manes, the hair detail along the back, the fringe along the legs – they all seem to point back to an earlier century’s interpretation of Fu Dogs while also being ‘carved’ in such a way that there is little that could break off in the unmolding process.

Please enjoy. Clicking the images will open a new window with a larger image.

IMG_3133 IMG_3135 IMG_3138 IMG_3139

  1. Hey There,

    Love your site, very informative.

    I’ve just bought a pair of blue fu dogs very similar to these from a market in China Town, Singapore. Mine are about 10 inches tall and the male one has the number 217 impressed on it while the female has what looks like the chinese symbol for 3 followed by the numerals 24.Mine also have spines down their backs.

    Do you have any idea as to how I could find out more information on these?

    thank you

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