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Here is another post of Fu Dogs in my collection.  These are newer acquisitions and my thanks goes out to those who helped add to my collection.

Fu Dog Ashtray

This piece was a gift that was sent to me in the mail. I haven’t ever seen another like it. The style of glaze and the artistic interpretation and flourishes are recognizable to me as I have seen them in antique stores on other Fu Dogs – but not as a Fu Dog ashtray. This Fu Dog, in a small way, reminds me of how broadly Fu Dogs’ details are represented when done as a tattoo. (I have posted recently a lot of Fu Dog Tattoos, so, if you’re interested they are here: fu-dog-tattoos-guardian-lion-tattoo-Asian-dog-tattoo.)


Click on an image to see it larger. I’ve provided measurements for the curious. There were no markings on the piece, none on the bottom either.




IMG_1584It looks kind of like if you put a cigarette out in this Fu Dog in the right way that smoke could come out of the Fu Dogs eyes and nose holes. It also looks like it was never used as an ashtray because it is so clean inside.

IMG_1583It looks like the toe is broken, but, in fact, it is glazed, so, the toe was ‘broken’ during production and then they just decided to go ahead and use it anyway – glaze it, fire it, sell it.

  IMG_1585I really like how this piece has its mane done. It makes me think of waves, or of the way air currents and clouds can be represented in art.


IMG_1587 Just a nice mythic watery feel – soothing and protecting at the same time.


Fu Dog Pair

This Fu Dog pair is a gift I received through the mail. This pairing is pretty traditional in appearance. It does have an interesting glaze treatment.


Click on an image to see it larger. I’ve provided measurements for the curious. There were no markings on the pieces, none on the bottom either.


IMG_1580There seems to me to be more ‘dog’ and less ‘lion’ to these Fu Dogs. The tail is smaller, the fringe of fur that goes over the feet and up to the elbow area is like some of the breeds of dogs I’ve posted about, fu-dog-ancestor-dog-breeds, and then there’s the simple and subdued ‘mane’ which is really just a frame of curled ‘hair’ around the face – in fact even the large teeth are pretty characteristic of your standard ‘dog’.


IMG_1578I’m not certain what the pattern on the back of the neck, shown here, is for. Pretty, though. This image also shows off the interesting glaze effect that covers the pair. With the neck pattern, the pseudo-harness type design (running down the back, looks like bells, and across the front in a pattern) this may not be a traditional Chinese Fu Dog. Perhaps the artistic representation is of another country’s Fu Dog – I’m not certain which yet.





Single Fu Dog

This Fu Dog was a gift from a friend of mine – Thanks Friend. The stylization of it looks like one of the images from my last post, guardian-lions-of-the-far-east-cambodia-thailand-burma-nepal-india-japan-malaysia-bali-singapore-china,  under the Nepal heading, so, my guess is that this Fu Dog is from that tradition.


Click on an image to see it larger. I’ve provided measurements for the curious. There were no markings on the piece, none on the bottom either.









  1. I very much like the ashtray. I agree that it looks to me as it it has emerged from the water. Are there water based fu dogs? Does it matter if they are on land or at sea? Is there significance to this? It certainly has fu dog like features. Can you take some close up pictures for a future post. It’s interesting, because as guardians and whatnot, I would not expect a fu dog to be used to accessorize an ashtray. Do you think this is appropriate use of the fu dog form?

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