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In Home Page posts on May 7, 2009 at 9:24 pm

Reports of a monster have surfaced in various parts of Asia Major and Asia Minor. Here is the first image of it published, a photograph of the stone carving, a base relief sculpture from around the Shang Dynasty, perhaps? A little bit of the original hand-coloring still remains:

fu monster2


Amazingly, this creature has purportedly existed in remote areas for years. Here is the only photograph, taken many centuries later somewhere in the Yellow Mountains, and miraculously well preserved:

fu monster3


A rare, actual Du Fog! Interestingly, this species seems to have been well traveled to be so rare. Here is a photograph of some Mycenaean tile work whose image is so similar that I can only think it the same animal:

fu monster5 


An again, in another part of the world, this shy and reclusive creature (who seems to have been quite the attention-getter after all) was captured by Gauguin, or perhaps Lautrec during the Fauvist/Impressionistic phase of their careers; this picture is in the Louvre:

fu monster4 


Well, then again, it could just be a composite image from many of the breeds presented in my last post. In that case it could look, originally, like:

fu monster


Yes, this is just for fun – even I have to have fun once in a while. Thanks for reading.

  1. I have a pair of fu dog ashtrays that say Okinawa on one of them. My parents found them at a yard sell when I was young. I have had them since my teens (I am now 40). I have not been able to find out anything about them. You seem to be real knowledgeable. Is there anyway I could e-mail you a photo of them to get your input? Your site is great! Have a great day.


  2. i am SO glad i found this blog. i did a google image search on “chinese empress pekingese fu dog” because i wanted to see pictures of Empress Cixi (Tzu Hsi) with her pekingese, and i found a picture from this blog and i love it!! and this particle entry about the Du Fog is hilarious, i love it 😀


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