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I wanted to do a quick post about the Chinese Fu Dog in Astronomy, since it was an earlier comment/question to a post I made. What I was looking for was information or drawings of early Chinese star charts that drew out animals (Fu Dogs in particular, or people, or even objects) in the sky. I didn’t find that type of representation, and nothing for Fu Dogs in particular.

What I found was that the Chinese did have star charts, but that they didn’t draw animals (they didn’t connect the stars/dots to create creatures, people, or objects). They did connect stars to create ‘images’ but not necessarily representative of any ‘thing.’ For example, from here, is this image:


This illustrates the Chinese method I found most prevalent on the internet. They divided up the sky into regions with animal names but did not draw the animals using the stars. There is one site, http://earthstar.htmlplanet.com/farside_culture.htm, that does have what seems to be descriptions of animals that are created using constellations, i.e. “Scorpius which represents the body of the curled up dragon. Antares is the heart of the Dragon. Spica and Arcturus form the dragon’s two long horns” but there are no drawings on the site (the Chinese stories presented are fun and the descriptions of the animals are good – the animals described ‘in the heavens’ are the ones pictured above.). Go to the site – it’s entertaining. This site, "http://kmleong.multiply.com/photos/album/53” has a really great breakdown of the ancient Chinese ‘divisions of the sky’ and is related to the above image (and the following discussions).

This site, http://www.chinapage.com/astronomy/syho/syho.html, has a lot of animated gifs (I think they are gifs) that show the Chinese sky, in motion, at certain points in history. For example, “Ancient Chinese astronomers divided the sky into three Enclosures, twenty-eight Mansions and four Images/Symbols/Quadrantal Xiu. Seven Mansions form one Image. The Four Images are the Azure Dragon, the Vermilion Bird, the White Tiger and the Murky Tortoise” and “The following animated picture shows the astronomical phenomena in northern sky at early evening of 24 Jieqi around 450 BC” and “Through observations, ancient astronomers found that the sun and planets seems to move in an anticlockwise direction along zodiac. Because 12 branches were arranged in a clockwise direction, astronomers set up the 12 Ci system for measuring the locations of sun and planets.” Please visit this site to glean an understanding of how the Chinese zodiac came about. (This site, http://www.friesian.com/chinacal.htm, has a table that shows ‘24’ mansions?/periods and the corresponding western zodiac.)

Of course, the Chinese zodiac has a ‘dog’ image, however, I was unable to determine if that dog is a Fu Dog or not. This site, http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/12-zodiac.shtml, has a pretty in depth exploration of the Chinese zodiac, bring in Yin and Yang and the e-ching (as mentioned previously here on Fu Dog Blog), and is worth looking at for how it tries to tie the past to Buddhist lore and history. (If you’re into the Chinese zodiac, here is a fellow WordPress blogger,http://whatdoyouwishtoknow.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/chinese-zodiac-ii-not-only-by-year-but-also-month-days-and-hours-of-day/, who has a post that goes beyond just the surface of the Chinese zodiac, into ‘inner animals’ and ‘secret animals’ that is interesting.)

If you have any information about Fu Dogs in the Ancient Chinese Sky then please let me know. Here are some images, rights belong to the owners, visit them and express your appreciation of their talent, from here, here, here, and here.

print-fudog fu%20dog%202 fu-dog FU-DOG-Large-002_


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