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In Gallery Images postings, Home Page posts on April 19, 2009 at 6:08 pm

Please be patient with loading time as there are a large number of thumbnail images being loaded. This post has images of 8 brass Fu Dogs that I purchased. They were purchased at an antique store that had items from “The Sidney and Julia Teller Brass and Copper Collection” (the nameplate is pictured below, last). There were quite a number of items, but this selection of Fu Dogs is what drew my eye.

There are 8 Fu Dogs in all – if you hover over the picture you can see them numbered; I am providing a variety of views of each. Also, because they were part of a collection previously, some of them still have the ‘number identification’ from that collection still attached. The pieces range in size, with the largest Fu Dog being about 2 inches and the smallest being about a half an inch (you can hold the entire 8 pieces in one hand, and, almost close the hand into a fist).

A few of them have Chinese characters underneath – I do not have the translation for the characters and do not know which direction should be ‘up’ for the characters (if you can tell me then please be specific about which image and I’ll post the information). You can click on an image to see a larger image, and can click on that image to see an even larger image.


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