Fu Dog Blog to-date (April 12, 2009) Summary

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Summary of last four posts:

The last four posts really covered a lot of information. In order to summarize and make all four accessible from a single page, here is what each covered, in brief, and the link to each:


India | Guardian Lion | Harmony | Balance | Yin | Yang | Fu Dog Pair | Oracle Bones This post covered one possible reason how Male and Female Fu Dogs became important in ancient Chinese culture when Guardian Lions were originally not differentiated.


Fu Dog Ball | Fu Dog Cub | Flower of Life | Milk Paw This post covered the appearance of the Fu Dog Cub and the Fu Dog Ball – after all, original Guardian Lions did not have either of these objects. This post also covered the many possible interpretations that can be applied to the Cub and to the Ball.


Fu Dog Placement | Cub Placement | Ball Placement | Yin | Yang | Harmony | Balance This post covered the many possible reasons for where the Fu Dog Cub and Fu Dog Ball can be placed (whether under a left or a right Fu Dog paw). This post also covered the many possible ways to place a pair of Fu Dogs and some probable reasoning behind their placement.


Bell | Tassel | Ribbon | Harness | Mane | Expression | Posture This post covered the possible historic origins of the accessories and physical appearances of Fu Dogs.


The above posts represent one possible interpretation of the topics covered. I tried to present a relatively cohesive background that unifies the Fu Dog experience, bringing a historical perspective to the general evolution of Fu Dog lore, as from a Chinese Fu Dog point of view. The following images (whose rights belong to their owners) are, from left to right, from here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

 fudog summary1 fudogsummary2 fudogsummary3 fudogsummary4 fudogsummary5 fudogsummary6 fudogsummary7


Summary of first three posts:

These first three posts are important enough to present here too and encompass a general history of Fu Dogs, summarized briefly, with a link to each:


Fu Lion | Fu Guardian | Fu Dog Origins | India This post covered an artistic, historic, search for the origin of the Guardian Lion (the precursor to the Fu Dog) as represented in ancient India.


Asiatic Lion | Persian Lion | Indian Lion | Fu Dog Ancestory This post took the Guardian Lion back to its source material – the Persian Lion. The features of the Persian Lion are presented in depth and contrasted/compared to their eventual realization in the Fu Dog.


China | Fu Dog | Ancient Art | Lion | Tiger | Dragon This post covered initial ancient Chinese artistry for dogs, dragons, and tigers, illustrating how Chinese artisans may have interpreted the ‘unknown’ Persian Lion using their own representative stylistic history to evolve the Fu Dog as a unique creature.


It is my hope that this summary page will be helpful for new Fu Dog Blog visitors to get a fast grasp of what Fu Dog Blog is all about. Having explored the history of Fu Dogs in some little depth, with a most pointedly Chinese realization, is what has been presented so far. Coming up will be another post of images of Fu Dogs in my collection, followed by a post having a broader view of Fu Dog history, moving more into other countries that have taken the Guardian Lion and created their own unique interpretation using their own artistic and philosophic heritage. I think I’ll try to list as many countries as possible and their unique names for Guardian Lions; I may accidentally leave some out – so if your country has a "Fu Dog" aka "Guardian Lion" history and I miss it in the upcoming post, please let me know. What I may do, too, is compare each representation (as I post it) to the Chinese representation – in a way setting the base Fu Dog interpretation as the Chinese one and contrasting how far from this initial ideal other realizations fall. That may be more difficult that I guess since I do know that the Chinese interpretation is not a single fixed one and that there are multiple Chinese Fu Dog representations. Perhaps, before I post on other country’s Fu Dog creations, maybe I’ll post on actual, factual, real-life canines (dogs) that are reported to be the ‘dog-inspiration’ for the Chinese Fu Dog and then on the dogs that have been bred to be Fu Dog -like. Stayed tuned and find out, after the next gallery posting, which way the Fu Dog Blog goes!!!


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