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In Gallery Images postings on February 22, 2009 at 2:15 pm

White Fu Dog – uploaded February 22, 2009
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I don’t remember where I got this piece from, or when. I’ve had it a long time. If you have any information on who the artist is or where it was made, or when, then let me know. I’m pretty sure it’s just a basic ceramic with a white fired glaze that ended up being shiny. It’s not a large piece (in inches: LxWxH: 7.5 x 3.25 x 5.25) and it’s pretty light-weight. There are no holes in the sculpture to verify it but I’m pretty sure it is hollow – maybe that makes it a slip-cast piece? The finished piece has some ‘beige’ yellowish-spotting (not a discoloration due to age or spills, but a distinct within-the-glaze spotting), due possibly to imperfect glaze constituents.

What drew me to this piece was the mane having up-turned elements along the neck – it was a distinctive touch I hadn’t seen before in a Fu Dog sculpture. I also appreciated the detailed coat markings covering the piece. These markings blend nicely with the elbow feathering coming off all four legs, and is repeated quite nicely in the up-raised tail. Both the tail and the mane share the in the artist’s stylistic treatment given to these heavier-haired points. The face and opened mouth is more feline in structure, reminiscent of a lions rather than a dog (but perhaps that is open to discussion), while the ears are more exposed and triangular than would be expected in a Lion-based image.

I chose to post this piece first since it is a stand alone piece (it didn’t have a ‘mate’ – if it had I probably would have purchased both), doesn’t have any accessories (like a ball or a cub or a ribbon or a bell, etc) and isn’t necessarily a strict ‘lion’ nor a strict ‘dog’ representation (though, in my own honest opinion, the image is overall more dog-based than lion). The timing of posting this piece fits in nicely with the discussions presented so far about Fu Dog history and image origins and interpretations. I can see this piece as being a ‘guardian’ figure/sculpture/image for a Buddhist temple in ancient China.

UPDATE: same day as post!

I have returned from a local antique store where, to my surpise, incredibly, they had the Fu Dog that I have only just today blogged about, and it’s part of a mated pair! The pair of them were priced at 88 dollars – I did not purchase them, yet. The hand-written price tag read “vinatge Fritz and Floyd.” Turning them over, both Fu Dogs had ‘Made in Mexico’ stickers stuck to one foot. The sticker also had a stylized FF (for Fritz and Floyd, I bet) next to the ‘Made in Mexico’ text. Underneath both dogs were a series of numbers that weren’t really legible. I have taken, and am posting, the cell phone pictures I took in the store – they are not particularly in focus, sadly. On the internet I could not find a reference or picture to these pieces, though there is a Fritz and Floyd represented; they could be the same company, maybe. I feel certain that the ‘glue-like’ pattern on the one foot of my piece probably was where the ‘Made in Mexico’ sticker was – I don’t really know why there are no numbers on the underside of mine, though.




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