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In Home Page posts on February 18, 2009 at 8:50 am

New Gallery Page! New Links at the Gallery Page “Top of Page”!

I was considering the layout of Fu Dog Blog and the way that I have been using WordPress over the month and have decided some changes are necessary.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the static pages do not have a post-date on them so you can’t know when the information there was added or updated, therefore, I’ll be adding a ‘Last Updated: Date’ and I’ll use a different font color in order to organize and incorporate new information (in a previous post – a new post on the page would be in regular font display) in a way that is obvious and clear on those pages (so that new information will stand out from old information). I will still be posting the new information as regular blog posts that I then will copy as appropriate to the correct static page topic. This is still going to be a trial and error thing and may change once again.

Another thing I’ve considered, as I prepare to take pictures of one of my Fu Dogs, is a reorganization and rethinking of the gallery pages. Originally I was going to have only my collection of items, then, a friend said I ought to post all the images I have been using in a single place – a good idea I must agree. That made me think about the main Gallery page as a page that is the collected images from Fu Dog Blog posts that I make and I like that. But then, what about my ideas for displaying, slowly to be sure, my own Fu Dogs? I would need to create a page called My Collection underneath the Gallery for such a purpose, and that led to the idea of allowing a gallery for images ‘donated’ by you – and I like that idea too. So, I’m going to create, on the Gallery Page, a couple of links, one for my collection, and one for donated/linked images (it would be my intention, for these donated images, to link back to the donator through clicking on the picture). These new Pages will need text written for them too, initially.

I think I need to make the links to the sub-pages from the main page a bit bigger or more noticeable, and will do so. With this reorganization I’ll need to update/change the information presented on the main Gallery page and on the About page, and will do that too. I’ll need to advise anyone who wants to post their Fu Dog images here that I can refuse to post their image without reason, can use any I do include (for whatever reason) in my own posts and can comment as to their Fu Dog-ness at anytime (of course the rights to the image remain with the images owner).

In order to alert you that new information has been posted to the Gallery pages, or the About page, I’ll need to post to the blog a regular post that I will link to the appropriate page. I’m not sure how I’ll like this reorganization, but I’ll give it a try. It might take a day or more to get it going too, so please be patient. Thanks everyone for your interest in Fu Dogs and Fu Dog Blog.

This information was copied to my About page.

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