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In Home Page posts on February 1, 2009 at 1:40 am


Hi You! This blog is my exploration of Fu Dog lore. As you can tell by the blog title above, there is more than one way to spell the ‘Fu’ portion of Fu Dog – I will use ‘Fu’ as the default. I had originally wanted to use ‘Foo’ as the leading characters, but, chose to abandon that version when I saw that the blog URL could be seen as FOOD OGBLOG (and I didn’t want anyone searching for ‘food’ to come here by accident, so, ‘Fu’ it is).

I’m not too sure how this blog will evolve – it’s my first time using WordPress. I think I understand how to make the theme I’m using perform for Pages and for Categories in the manner I’d like, but I don’t really know what to expect. Please bear with me as I understand and tweak, and/or change entirely, the format for Fu Dog Blog.

What I’m planning is to have the ‘About’ Page be a static view of why Fu Dog Blog exists which, as time goes on, I’ll update as (and if) necessary. The ‘History’ Page will be, hopefully, a static page from which links at the top will allow you to go to the various static specific Country Pages that have any Fu Dog lore I can add to this blog. The specific country pages, as I have in mind, would be a single long blog, with references, that I edit for content when I find new information. Categories, I expect, are simply a way to tag a blog entry and then allow you, blog reader, a way to select a category of interest and read all that has been tagged in such a fashion. Cross your fingers while I experiment, and together we’ll maybe, just maybe, learn a bit about Fu Dogs!


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